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Full technical features for UH-1H

Optional main rotor blades

High performance new built composite blades will be available in mid-late 2007 and will provide a dramatic performance improvement over any other blade on the UH-1H.
Tailboom is upgraded with the BLR Strake kit with FAA approved performance enhancement. Requires less tail rotor input for improved power to the main rotor.

Optional Upgraded cockpit

Fully integrated sagen glass cockpit withoptional 2-axis autopilot.
Tailboom BLR Fast fin is installed for improved tail rotor performance. This improvement is gained by “un-shading” the tail rotor.
Engine is upgraded from T53-13 of 1400SHP to T53-703 of 1800SHP for hot temperature and high altitude performance.
Tailboom 42º gearbox upgraded to bell 212 unir for improvedsafety and a TBO of 5000 Hours.
Honeywell T53-L-703 Engine

Honeywell T53-L-703 Engine

Honeywell, the manufacturer of the T53 series engines, estimates that the T53 series engine has operated safely and reliably for over 70,000,000 flight hours.

Many authorities believe this to be the most reliable helicopter turbine engine ever developed. The original equipment T53-L-13B at 1400 horsepower, while extremely reliable, has proven to be underpowered at high elevations and hot temperatures.

The upgraded T53-L-703 at 1800 horsepower, solves this problem.

The additional 400 horsepower provides the needed power at high altitudes yet still maintains the extraordinary reliability of the proven T53 engine in the Bell UH-1H Plus.

Upgrades for your UH-1H

Avionics Upgrades NEW

The Uh-1H Plus can receive a tremendous technological upgrade with the introduction of an integrated "Glass Cockpit". Flight instruments may be integrated into two separated and redundant display that easy pilot work load and provide many features not available with the old analog gauges.

Improved Vertical Spar Fin

Another important upgrade Northwest Helicopter incorporates into all of their performance enhanced UH-1H Plus aircraft is the installation of the Global Helicopter Technology Improved Vertical Fin Spar.

The Global Spar eliminates the problems associated with the original equipment “laminated” spar that was prone to cracking. This spar is indestructible and adds to the already phenomenal safety and reliability record of the UH-1H Plus.

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